Get Paid To Write For Us

Hey ,Now you have a chance to make money online if you have any interest .special command or knowledge in hacking,technology,operating system(android,windows,linux,mac etc),mobile,PCs,server or networking.

You are most welcomed to write for us.We will pay you about $3 to $30/article depend on the quality of article .

Which Type of Article We Want:-

  1. Tips and Tricks related to tech or hacking.
  2. How to tutorial .
  3. Troubleshooting

We don’t accept news in tech niche.

We also accept video tutorial.We will also pay for it.

Quality Of Article:-

We want these quality in your article to be published here and get back you paid:-

  1. Minimum length 500 words.
  2. Article should be original.We will check via our software.
  3. Article should be only in English.
  4. Article should not be spinned and written by hand only.
  5. Author must have deep knowledge in tech niche.
  6. Once we publish here,you don’t have write to publish it anywhere.Even at your blog.But you can link back if you want.
  7. We will give one link via your author bio to your twitter profile not your website or blog.
  8. Author must have a twitter profile.
  9. You must use  images in your article.All images should be original.If you are copying from anywhere give credit to them.Screenshot are highly appreciated
  10. Article should be easy to digest.It means that you should use bullet point,heading and short paragraph.

How to Send Your Article:-

One you completed your article,save it in a html file ( or use google doc) and send it to

We will reply you as we get your mail that we have received your article than our team will review it .

If we find it useful for our reader ,we will send you another mail with price and confirmation.So you also need to confirm that whether you want to allow us that article for that given price.

If yes ,we will publish it and once we hit “publish” button ,We will send your payment via paypal,airtel money or paytm .